Welcome to Corp-i: innovation at CWT.

We’re a growing community of innovators working together to transform the face of travel. Our aim is to create the right environment for great ideas to emerge. By combining expertise from many different horizons and focusing our efforts, we can go further in building a smarter, safer and simpler future for travelers.

The Innovator

Vincent Lebunetel, Vice President, Corporate Innovation for Carlson Wagonlit Travel (aka “The Innovator”) talks about how passion drives his line of work.
How will the sharing economy play into the future of collaboration and innovation? Vincent explains as part of CWT’s series, The Changing Face of Travel Management.


Introducing Corp-i
Your gateway to innovation at CWT

We’re a small team with a big mission:

To nurture innovation in our ecosystem (everyone from employees, suppliers and clients to entrepreneurs, governments and academics) to help transform the way we travel. We do this by:

Creating a structured but flexible environment for ideas to emerge and grow
Building a community of innovators within and outside our industry
Funding, developing and testing new concepts
Showcasing new possibilities
Launching groundbreaking products and services for travel
Being passionate about what we do!

Who we are:

Vincent Lebunetel
Vice president, corporate innovation
Gregoire Boutin
Director, innovation management systems
Santiago Vallejo
Manager, open innovation
Xavier Hérault
Project coordinator, corporate innovation
Julie Egal
Manager, Business Intelligence

Calling all bright sparks!

Join Corp-i, CWT’s growing community of innovators in the travel industry and beyond. We are building links, generating ideas and exploring ways to transform the face of travel.

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CWT is a proud Founding Member of
World’s First Travel Innovation Incubator

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CWT Further Cements Commitment to Startups

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Let’s invent the future together.
Check out CWT’s
innovation ecosystem and see where you fit.


Innovation is critical. Full stop.

What will travel look like in 10 or 20 years? What kind of travel experience can we only dream of today?

Our industry remains work in progress. Technology has revolutionized the way travel is booked, managed, and experienced, and the pace of change keeps accelerating.

We want to drive that change, being part of the dialogue that leads to breakthroughs. With a history of innovation behind us, we’re looking forward to even bigger and better ideas in the future.

What if?… Let’s invent the future together


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